all the words of life. ACTS 5:20

Two quotes that should motivate every believer are by John Wesley, "We have one business on earth - save souls" and Carl F.H. Henry, "The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time."  Come join us as we prayerfully and systematically serve to fulfill our theme of GO- STAND-SPEAK all the words of life. 

Brazil     McClure, Dean & Delores

Chile     Gonzales, Lohen & Becky

Costa Rica     Thomas, Jerry & Barbara

Czech People     Surovek, Peter & Iveta

Ecuador     McGhee, Cliff & Neoma

Ethiopia     Auterson, Frank & Karon

Ethiopia     Shadle, Eric & Amanda

Madagascar  Long, Phil & Vala

Mexico      Conaway, Jane

Mexico     Smith,  Lonnie & Martha

Mexico     Patterson, Becky

Mexico Reinhold, Steve & Heidi

New Zealand     Braly, Robert & Rosie

Philippines  Lyons, Greg & LuAnn

Philippines     Worley, Doug & Helen

Portugal   Dan & Rachel

Romania     Pop, Viorel & Lucy

USA   Mandeville, Michael & Barbara - IJB

USA/Germany   Garrison, Mary - Retired Germany

USA - Florida     Christian Law Association

USA - Missouri     BBFI Missions Office  bbfimissions.com/

USA - Texas     Gray, George & Bette; Circle of Love Ministry to the Blind

USA - Texas     Pregnancy Resource Center, Baytown

India - Panama - Philippines - Mexico - Thailand    Lighthouse Children's Home

USA - Rock of Ages     Terry, Dennis & Stella

USA     Hoot, Aaron & Stacy - Hispanic

USA - Texas     Howard, Norma - Missionary & Church Ministry Supplies